Summer 2003 - Dale Hollow House Boat Trip

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Our House Boat

We had a crazy time at Dale Hollow! 16 people on one boat!


He thinks he's a pimp. We just let him keep thinking that! Who really cares though... he went to IU!

Nick on the Rope Swing

We found a random rope swing on the lake. It was fun until Sims and Jeremy decided to slide down!

Eba Wakeboarding

One of the only times Eba was actually behaving.


Jeremy had to stay out of the water for a day since his foot was sliced open from sliding down a clif!

If I Could Walk On Water!

This seemed to be our theme song for the week! Gotta love hanging out with people from an even smaller town than mine!

Nick Wakeboarding


Sims was our captain all week! He sure knew how to keep us under control.

Snedden and Sims singing

Snedden in a Speedo!

Snedden under Kerry

Tubing on Dale Hollow

Tyler, Kerry, and Snedden


Oh, How I missed the Yoder Sisters!