Weekend in Delray Beach

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My cousin Leigh invited me on a Girls trip with her girlfriends in Delray Beach... it was a great time!!!


Carli, Sette, and Leigh

Leigh with her birthday cake

Sette and Leigh

Sette... you're lucky that's not a scrunchie!!!

Sette and Jodi

Cotton Candy Dessert

Girls Night Out

Cute baseball player

More cute baseball players

Too bad they knew it

Carli and Leigh out for her birthday


On the street with Sette

They couldn't get enough of me.

Drunk dialing... of course!

Clay Aiken look alike

The Girls

George and Carli

Jodi's turn


Jodi and Carli

getting crazy

Jodi macking

Leigh and Sette

Leigh laying with Pete

Leigh mackin

Leigh and Pete at the pool

Pete is so cute!

Sweet Boy!

We stayed at Sean's house

The living room

The front of Sean's house.

fun night


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