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Love the new pics.  -Mom

Will you marry me. love from Holland

Hey you!!!  I love getting the Phi Mu update from all of your pics!  You are great Carli!!  I miss you all and Phi Mu...  -CP

-  Cari!! This is my only connection to the fun times at the PHI MU house! It makes me sad/happy all at the same time! Keep it up (cause u know i visit EVERYDAY!!) love u!  -Hannah

I LOVE THIS!!! You are the shiiiizzzznit!  You did such a good job w/ this web site- but I never expected anything less :-)    -CP

 -  This is the best website I have ever seen in my life.  I do suggest the picture of my LARGE ass at Coker's house for the sleepover be destroyed. 

-  Carli! this rocks but.. you need a little more of your niece! HEHEHEHE! j/k!!! love ya girl!  -Baker

-  Take care of Paige Homan!!!!

-  Smarli, I've known you and loved you for forever....  your site is amazing, but I have to say the badgers dominate.  - Rogie

-I LOVE your website Carli! this will be my connection to Phi MU for the next year. Maybe you should try and super impose me in pictures!!! -L'Rone

- To the chicas that went loco en pulco with me, it was the MOST amazing time of my stint @ Purdue ! I couldn't have asked for more fun people to go with!!! love you guys. LIOB ~ coker~







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