Finals Week - 2005

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Carli and Megan

Love ya Lucas

Carli and Stoner

Trying to be K.Smith... but he's too nice.

Diane and Carli

My favorite Columbian... Eduardo... Muah!

Nothing like a Graduation Celebration!

Rigi and Diane

Diane and Carli (with a lil bit of Elo)

Mizzles out for Ladies Night... even though it's always Ladies Night!

Another pic of the IE twins

My favorite neighbor!!

Is Loren out???

Oh, Suzy and Becky

At our station with our buddy Matt

At Bros

Carli and Dom

How tall is Sangl?

Shakeila out drinking... hopefully she doesn't have anything to do tomorrow!

Carrie and Cait

Out for Cait's birthday

My buddy James

Matt serving us one bottle of Bacardi at a time...

My boys!

Stoner and Midge


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