L'Rone's Surprise Party and Colorado Updates

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L'Rone's 21... She may have been at the bars for the past couple years, but never as L'Rone!

She came to Purdue... It's not a true 21st, until it's done Phi Mu Style!

B Lones and L'Rone

Everybody at Jake's

Laura, Loren, and Reinking



Pictures from Colorado

Loren and Sofie

Where's the nearest hotel?

Indiana definately doesn't look like that.

We miss you Loren!!!

Loren and Sofie

Loren and Sofie

Sofie's so little!

Skiing in Vail

I wish I was in Vail.

I still can't believe Loren is camping!

Blair Witch Project

Sofie is so cute!


We'll Miss You L'RONE!!!

Carli and Laura

Cassie and L'Rone

Laura, Loren, and Carli

The Mizzles at L'Rone's going away party.

We'll miss you!