Last Night at Purdue

My last night out at Purdue was so much fun!  It was the perfect send off... thanks guys!   I'm sure everyone enjoyed all my drunk dials... you might not be getting any for awhile... so, hopefully they were enjoyable!  The night was nuts... there's nothing like hanging out with Stoner at the Citgo at 4 in the morning and then running all over campus (and I wonder my mom's convinced that she's going to be woke up by the police), convincing Matt that it was a good idea to give me the shirt he was wearing, out drinking Manley, Bethie cracking me up with her tall tales, missing Miss Eloff, being upset with Dom because he's a girl (what's new ;) ), almost getting my car towed for the millionth time (i won't be missing that!), waking up having no idea where I was (i won't be missing that either... don't worry, the person next to me was Stoner), and I'd have to say that my personal favorite was when Stoner actually got sick at Where Else because she was at the wrong bar (don't worry we went straight to Bros and sat at the station!).  I already can't wait until my next visit!!!

     (Click on the picture to see it larger)

Bethie and her Lil, Kathleen

My first rommate, Beth

Chillin with Spence

Attempting to hide

Chris and Carli

My boys behind the bar... I already miss them!!!

I honestly don't remember this part of the night.

Lookin Good Ladies

Manley and Deemer

Stoner and Carli

Who knows...

Stoner and Iggy

I don't even know.

Stoner obviously just ran into someone...

They're engaged!!! Congrats Tara and Dustin!

What's a night out without a pic with Uche?

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