Louisville:  Michelle's 22nd Birthday

     (Click on the picture to see it larger)

The Stoneking's hosted us once again... Thanks Kim and Jeff!!!  We went out on 4th Street... It was pretty much the Sarah Show!

The Girls at the Stonekings

Having a GOOD time on the dance floor

Carli and Sarah

Apparently somethingwas interesting

Michelle and Carli

Michelle and Sarah

The birthday pose

Paris and Nicole

Sarah starting to dance...

Sarah and the creepy bachelor

Sarah with Bachelor Party

Oh Sarah

It's ok... she found a platform!



Is she really leaving the dance floor?

Michelle and Sarah

Sarah getting free drinks...

This guy couldn't quite hold it any longer!


Oh... cute.

Mean face.

Rock On!

This is what she looks like in the morning!

We loved Sullys

I swear this guy was cute in person... or so I thought!

I feel sorry for this guy's future wife!

Waiting for Jeff...


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