Naples - Spring 2006

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So much has happened so far!  So many visitors and events!

Carli and Helena

Eve's Cat Walk Fashion Show

Eve and Helena

Hope, Eve, Helena, and Carli

Out at Lurcat

Hope, Jamie, and Helena

Hope, Roma, and Helena

Mark and Helena


at the Fashion Show

Lookin good


Mark and Carli at the Purdue Glee Club performance

Mark performing


Sooo excited Bethie came to visit

Carli and Bethie

Carli and Bethie

Corey and Beth

Hanging out with some Purdue friends in Ft. Lauderdale

The Mizzles down in Miami!!!

Michelle came to visit!!!

Eloff and Carli

We might have been waiting for a bus?

hmmm... or maybe just posing drunk

This was on the street in Naples... I thought Candy would like it!

Ben Jamin came to visit me again!!! I think he really likes Naples!

Getting Nick at the airport from Cali

Nick and Carli at the pool before heading to South Beach

At dinner for Court's birthday

Carli and Court

Teddy and Carli

Gotta Love bathroom photos

Nick and Court

Partying at Glass

Court and Teddy

Making drinks at Penthouse

Annabelle, Nick, and Court

The birthday girl on the bar

Nick in VIP by himself

Look at the playboy at work



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