Nicky B's 21st

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We (Nick) rented out the top floor... Club Seven VIP for Nick's 21st... Soooo much fun...

Ann-Marie and Mary

Our personal Miller Lite Girls

Ann-Marie and Norman

Hasser and Cody with KT and I

Chantz and KT

... muah!

Clifie and Nick

I wonder what Cody is doing?

The Lifestyle Crew... almost.

Prepartying at Wes's house


On Stage at Club Seven

Hassan and KT

Joey and Chantz


KT and Carli

Katy and Clifie

KT on the dance floor... imagine that!

Having Fun

Enjoying some drinks... Thanks Nick!

My Lil Bro mackin on KT

... still going!

KT, B Smith, and Shaya

Klukas is always all business!

Hangin Out

Klukas, Nick, and Joey

Beta Boys

Clifie, LV, and Nick

Dewey before he passed out in my car!

I think Nigel is out!


Nick and Laura

Norman's only dance...

Riley, Nick, and KT

Good Times

Glad you made it Wesley!

Before Wes got kicked out...

Bethie and Carli

Two of my favs!

Nick's first time in a bar... legally... and he went to Bros...

Klukas was in charge...

The shot I got him!

Who knew there was a dance floor on the second floor??? Not since the Boiler Room days anyway!

On the walk home...

Crazy Kids!



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