Penn State Game - hApPy VaLlEy

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Anthony, Bill, Frank, Teresa, and JC

Anthony, Kevin, Carli, Teresa, and Diane

Beaver Stadium... It was huge!!

Beer Dude and Bacardi JC

Carli, Diane, and Kevin

The Double Dare Girls!!!

Carli and Diane

Cleveland Rocks!!!

Wow, we look beat.

Diane and Kish

Diane, Kish, and Carli

Haha... What do you think?

Rapheal and Kish

Diane and Carli in Beaver Stadium

At the game

Do, do, do you have it... GUTS!


Diane, JC, and Carli

Frank, Bill, and JC

Oh Bacardi

JC's nuts!

JC and Diane


JC, Bill, Diane, and Carli


Pat and Diane

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