Back for Purdue Graduation - May 2006

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You don't realize how much you miss until it until you come back!  So many fun times, I just wish I could remember it all... I blame Bacardi!

Carrie's sister on Ben

Michelle's Graduation Party

B. Jones

Ben and Eloff

Carli and Ben

Carli and Bethie

Dancing with Dorien

Heygood's at the bars???

L'rone and Carli

Hanging out at Brothers

Carli and Shawn

Drunk with Stoner

Maybe one to many Bacardi and Diets

Stoner is such a good photographer

Apparently it was bright

Carrie and Paige being Paris and Nichole

Chantz and Nick

I plead the fifth on this night!

Dre and Eloff

Dre riding around town

Eloff and Dorien

We love Matt

Station Time

Oh Uche

The Mizzles


Klukas and Nick

Landon and Reiny

Nick and Stacey

Raul and Fat with their pants down!

Reiny, Loren, and Cavallo

Spence with KB's accessories

Deemer and Manley

Michelle and Dre

What's the theme again?

Stoner, Eloff, and Dre

Double Fisted

Suzy and Becky

Suzy and Mary

Having a good time

I can't believe we've never played with this gun before!

I love Wednesdays

Stoner, Eloff, and Nick

Oh, the gun!

K.Smith tribute

Uche pimpin on the bar

Vinny, Carrie, and Eloff

Loren and Carli

Loren having a GOOD time with Cavallo.

Probably a tribute to K.Smith

Nick and Autumn





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