Purdue Homecoming 2006

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It was sooo good to see everyone!!!

Jill and I think we're cool.

Haven't Jimmy in awhile...

Carli and Loren

Carli and Nick

Oh Spence...

Claire and Eloff... my favorite teachers!

Coker and Big Baller B

Coker, Andrew, and Reiny

D Star and Carli

Dorien and Stoner

They love to dance!

Stoner misses Brothers.

definately excited...

Eloff driving the stolen car... sorry Bushong!

... who knows.

We were trying to make some interesting photos for Candy and Nancy.

Jimmy and Eloff

Oh Kirsch... we miss you!

Loren, Carli, and Reiny...

I've missed you Marker!!!

Nick and Rusty

Again... trying to make Nancy and Candy proud!

Phi Mus ready to go out!

Some random dude and Jill...

Reiny and Loren

Reiny, Carli, and Coker

Rusty and Carli

Family Feud...

Rusty and Jill

Rusty and Ray

Can't forget Tyler!

Rusty, Ray, and Jill

Stoner and Eloff

Phi Mus Tailgating!!!



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