Summer at Lake 2006

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Nothing beats the summer on Lake Freeman.  With all the weddings and events I wanted to fly home for, I just decided to stay for the summer... living it up on the lake!



Shotgunning beers

Brittany, Ashley, and Tanya

Nick and Carli doing what we do best

Clifie and Nick

Clif trying to shotgun a beer

We are probably the only boat with an axe!

Most of the crew

Fun times

Nick likes to pose

More shotgun action

Memorial Day Weekend craziness

Out of control

Showing Ben Jamin Brothers

Stoner in Monti

Hanging out at Bros

Andrew and Stoner at Janets

Great poster

Who knew Hypno could be on tap... Janet!

We just thought this was hilarious!

Paige, Eloff, and Stoner

Cody teaching me how to really eat wings!

Carli on the slide... 4th of July morning

Carli's keg stand... I beat Nick!!! Phi Mu taught me something!

Fun in the hot tub...

Cody and Nick celebrating when the slide was blown up

Dad setting up the slide

4th of July FUN

sooo drunk

Is that Jesus?

Lovin the hot tub

The slide looks so big compared to the house.

Klukas and Cody

Klukas, Cody, and Nick

Kylie's friends

Ky and her friends

Down the slide


Manley and Stahley

Manley's keg stand... she's a champ!

We threw a great party!

We always thought they were gay!

Nick testing the slide.

Nick's keg stand... I still won!

relaxing after a hard day at the sandbar

who knows...

setting up the slide

the begining of the slide

Stahley showing us how it's done!

testing it out

Stahley's keg stand... one of many!

Carli and Shalon

catching the garter...

My Lil Bros!

Eric on the bus


Shalon with Mike and Brenda

Nick and Carli

Nick and Clifie

what a great wedding!

they think they're cool.

Shalon and Mike the dancing king.

Party Bus





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